Cuticula Magically Delicious | May 2020 Polish Pickup: Candy Land

Next up in the Polish Pickuppocalypse is one of the offerings from Cuticula. Not only does Ms. Amanda make my favorite scented base & top coat, but she makes some really fantastic polishes too!

(promotional samples ahead)

This month's polish is a pale, endearing medium toned lavender jelly/cream filled with metallic flakes. I spotted a veritable rainbow drifting across tiny gold flakes. I am not generally a gold fan, but with this color story I really do prefer the gold to any other color. It really elevates this polish from being cutesy to being something an adult could wear on the regular. The formula is pretty impressive as well. I had a little trouble with some of the big flakes wanting to stick up, but they settled nicely as the polish and topcoat set up. You can see in my macros that the finish ended up perfectly smooth.

I used two normal coats here, plus a layer of Cuticula Limitless top coat.

A tiny spoiler while I get my review of Grape Slush together. I stamped over one coat of Magically Delicious and I am still wearing it. If you like nail art, and have the PPU shade on your wishlist you should take a peek at this one too. They were meant to be together.


  • available May 1, 2020 from
  • $12
  • 340 available (10 UK)
  • Lucky Charms is my second favorite cereal


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