Baroness X GalaXy Glints | Burnishing Powders

Baroness X is the queen of shimmer and shine. She just is, you can scroll the tag here on the blog to see a fraction of her amazing catalog. So when she came out with her own collection of burnishing powders and the best sticky base, I was 100% positive that I was gonna love them. And I did.

(promotional samples ahead)

Before we get into the review, let's have a wee chat. This was my first time with these powders, and you can tell on my ring finger in Antares that I got over-eager and didn't wait quite long enough for the Burnish & Bind base to set up. iF OnlY thERe WeRE inSTuCtioNS. (there are. But I am not one for careful forethought and planning.) 

I used the enclosed foam eyeshadow brushes to apply this, and I think it turned out pretty good. I layed on a layer of Burnish & Bind to my black cream base, waited...some time...and then applied the powder. I actually wore a mask while applying this stuff so I wouldn't blow the powder everywhere. 

Antares | over black cream
Antares is a blue to violet shimmer with a teal face. There is no holo here, but it has a really disco-peacock vibe that I am 100% here for.

Felis | over black cream
Felis is a autumnal rust-green-gold with a holo twinkle. I really like how this one had a much more foiled and even finish. 

Bubble | magnetic over black cream
Bubble is a magnetic sister to Antares. It was my first try with magnetic powders, and there was definitely a learning curve. It turned out ok for a noob attempt.

Heart and Soul | magnetic over black cream
Heart & Soul is the magnetic, non holo cousin  to Felix. I think I was starting to get the hang of this magnetic powder business...but I got over-ambitious and tried to do different things with magnets. Because, in true nichole fashion, why not try and build a rocket ship on my first day?

Helix | magnetic over a black cream 
Helix was the most shifty of all the magnetics. Which is annoying AF because I couldn't quite get the strong line I was looking for. It still looks cool, but it kinda loses some of that punch. See what happens when I decide to ignore instructions? 

Rosette | magnetic over black cream
Rosette is a soft indigo-violet with a fuchsia shift. This was in my favorite shades, but it had the least magnetic pull for me. It might be user error...actually it probably is. But I like the violet shade on its own, and I think it might be cooler over a coordinating blue or purple. 

Final Thoughts
These shifty bitches will take your breath away. There is a bit of a mess and a moderate learning curve...but the final product is fantastic even when you kinda screw up. These, and several more, are available in the Baroness X shop. In fact, if you want to dip your toes in the shiny-powder-pool there is a mini set that contains a small container of powder and a mini of the Burnish & Bind base. It might make a nice little gift for a special someone this holiday season. 


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