Nailed It Make Friends, Not Anemones | Polish Pickup April 2020 | Aquatic Wonder

Polish Pickup is back to drown us in glitter and smelly things again! This month we are celebrating all things "Aquatic Wonder." To kick it off, I have a lovely shade from Nailed It Nail Polish. 

(promotional samples ahead)

This pretty, sea hag teal jelly filled with shifting iridescent flakes speaks to my soul. If you've read my blog before, you will know that I love the whole "Sea Hag Chic" vibe. Those murky, ocean-on-a-foggy-day teal greens and dusty aqua shades...those are my favorite. This fits right in with all those kinds of colors. It is a proper jelly, and if you have an aggressive nail line you may see a hint of it peeking out from the depths. 

I used two medium coats here, plus a layer of Cuticula Limitless QDTC. In normal lighting, I didn't see much nail line, probably along the lines of the macros.

Low light macros make this sing. It really looks like some kind of bioluminescent creature hiding in the deep, dark depths or a tropical sea.

  • Polish Pickup on Friday, 3 April at 11am eastern. 
  • $12.75
  • 200 available
  • 20UK


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