Fair Maiden Polish Bioluminescence | Polish Pickup April 2020 | Aquatic Wonder

Next up on the Polish Pickup-pocalypse is an etheric beauty from Fair Maiden Polish. This hauntingly beautiful shade needs to be seen from all angles to be fully appreciated. 

(promotional samples ahead)

This shade is a soft seafoam aqua...jelly? It is like pale green pearls crushed to powder, dusted with a galaxy of holo, and then sprinkled with iridescent flakes. Oh, and add a crazy sky blue to lavender shift. Yes...all in one bottle. If you like a good layering polish, this one might be for you. It goes over everything and anything, but I like it over teals.

It is a very sheer shade, but buildable without getting too thick. I let each layer cure for about 5 minutes before adding another. I used three normal coats plus a layer of Cuticula Limitless QDTC for these pictures. 


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