Cuticula Call of the Dolphin | Polish Pickup April 2020 | Aquatic Wonder

Next up in the Polish Pickup smorgasborg is a cream hybrid from Cuticula! This Aquatic Wonder theme was absolutely made for the brand, and I was very excited to see what she came up with this month.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a wonderful stormy gray cream-jelly filled with a collection or pink and green twinkling microflakes and a healthy dose of metallic silver flakes. It is very marine, all over. It was inspired by dolphins, and I 100% see that. The gray is the perfect ocean critter shade, and the multiple sorts of flakes give it a visual interest that you don't normally see in shades like this. 

The formula is lovely, and I used two coats followed with a layer of Cuticula Limitless for these pictures. I was initially worried that the density of the flakes would give me trouble, and the layers would either take forever to dry...or worse: drag the glitters around and require dabbing. Happily, neither of my fears came true. It applies easily and without hassle. I do think you'll get the thinnest finish (which I think will extend your wear time) with a thin layer followed shortly after by a slightly thicker layer.



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