Rogue Lacquer Persian Nights | Polish Pickup March 2020 | Ancient History

Rogue Lacquer does flakes like no one else. She is bringing us a beautifully brilliant jelly for the Polish Pickup this month inspired Ancient Persia, which was one of the first major civilizations. If you like statement colors and sparkly things, then keep reading. 

(promotional samples ahead)

This beauty is a bright, warm corally pink jelly filled with sparkling and gleaming flakes that shift like a desert sunset. It applies just like you want it to, and I used two medium coats here. I love how deep and luxe this polish looks, and it appeals to my hot-pink loving heart. I generally find warmer pinks harder to wear, but there is something about the holo flakes lurking below the surface that brings this over to the cooler side. I am pretty tickled with it, and I think this will be a great color for summertime.

This actually reminds me of my grandmother-in-law. She has a few saris that match this perfectly, and I even have a couple of sheer scarves from some of her older suits that would be just perfect with this. I honestly can't tell if I love this color because its awesome or because it stirs such a snuggly nostalgic feeling. 

This shade will be $12, and as yet there is no cap. If you love a good, bright, shifty thing then this is for you. It is definitely for me. I really want to find a good paisley stamping plate and do some Indian-Arabian-Persian-Jasmine/Aladdin art. 


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