Psyche Minerals Scarab | Polish Pickup March 2020 | Ancient History

Psyche Minerals always brings the shiny to the Polish Pickup. This month, with Ancient History being the theme, is no different. Inspired by Cleopatra, we have a warm regal bronzed shade fit for a queen.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a warm, orange-leaning neutral sparkle-bomb. It reminds me a lot of The Mummy, when Ancksunamun struts around like a golden goddess. She would definitely have loved this shade. I personally love the shifty microglitters. I think even Cleopatra would approve. 

I applied it over the Nyx Waterproof primer (which rocks, btw) with a smudger brush. I did get a lot of glitter fallout with that method. I would recommend a sticky base, and maybe a lay-down brush or your finger to apply this so you don't lose those spectacular sparkles. The shift on them is worth the extra effort. 

Trying to catch that shift is hard. I swiped it across my hand and went into my bathroom, looking for some good light. You can see the crazy sparkle here, and a hint of that blue shift. 

Also, a pox upon whoever put that green tint on modern windows. I can't seem to compensate for it with photoshop without altering the shadow. 

Late addition!

I finally didn't feel like death, so I decided to slap some makeup on at 5pm and take some you do. I used my ELF setting spray and a little flat brush to pat the shadow on to my bare lid. You definitely don't want to buff this shade...unless you are looking to sparkle all over.  I also patted it into a nude lipgloss. Which I LOVE. I want to try patting this into a green or a burgundy lip.

This will be available in the Polish Pickup in March, but you can hit up her Etsy in the meantime!