Rogue Lacquer Winter Solstice | Polish Pickup December 2019

Rogue Lacquer is back with an amazingly shifty shade for the Winter is Coming theme for December's Polish Pickup. If you like delicious squishes and shifty flakes, then you are going to want to see all the swatches of this polish. 

promotional samples ahead

Inspired by the Winter Solstice (duh) and a softly sparkling photo of a wintry dawn, this is a delicate periwinkle jelly filled with shifting auroral and iridescent flakes. A soft scattering of holo completes the effect. If you check the PPU fangroup, you will see the inspiration for this polish and it is spot on. She couldn't have done any better. The formula is nice, and I used three coats for the pictures here. I think on shorter nails (or people with a less aggressive nail line) this would be perfectly opaque. 

This kind of shade is one of my favorites. I believe the word is crepuscular and it is my favorite. I am always drawn to these gentle and moody pastels. And of course, Ms. Rachel has the magic formula nailed. Sometimes when you get larger flakes, they kinda look like they are potholes or divots in the surface, but I didn't get any of that here. I wrote in my notes that it reminds me of Cinderella's Fairy if you grabbed last months Rogue shade, you kinda need this one. They're an accidental set!

the shift, yall. T H E  S H I F T.

This polish will be available from the Polish Pickup on December 2, 2019. It will run you $12.50, and as yet there is no declared cap. It is a must-have. 


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