Rouge Lacquer Have Courage and Be Kind | Polish Pickup November 2019

Polish Pickup is bringing the flake madness this month. If you like the shifty and the sparkly, you might as well sign over your first-born now. Fairy Tales were made for things like these.

promotional samples ahead

This is a beautiful, ethereal cool blue jelly filled with flakes and holo. There are large pink to green flakes dancing around smaller iridescent flakes, with a strong holo holding it all together. In my notes I wrote (without knowing the inspiration, by the way) that it looked like "Cinderella in a blender." It reminds me of the scene where Cinderella is spinning around while her tattered critter-made gown is changed into a beautiful couture ball gown. Close your eyes and imagine that scene. Then imagine it on your nails in three squishy jelly layers. 

This polish was inspired by one of Rachel's most treasured memories of her dad. He used to watch Cinderella with her all the time, and this polish is a beautifully faithful interpretation of a classic fairy tale. When I asked her what her inspiration was, she started the story with "...I poured my heart into [creating] this shade..." and I can definitely see the work.

This will be available on Friday November 01, 2019. It should be on your list. 


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