Nailed It Nail Polish Spirit of the Forest | Polish Pickup November 2019

Polish Pickup time is upon us again, and this month the theme is Fairy Tales! Nailed It Nail Polish has an amazing thermal shade inspired by a classic character: Princess Mononoke!

promotional samples ahead

This months shade is a medium purple to aqua jellied thermal, filled with shifting flakes and iridescent sparks. It reminds me of leaves swirling in a river...but purple. And then a seafoam aqua. This is officially my favorite Nailed It shade. Tia can retire, because this is the pinnacle. 

I hope she doesn't though.

The formula here is delightful. A true jelly, I used two medium coats here followed by a layer of Seche Vite. In the pictures below, I still see the nail line...especially in the warm state. It wasn't that obvious in natural lighting, however. I might try three thin coats next time, just to see if it makes a difference. The flakes lay smooth and evenly dispersed with the new brushes, and as a swatcher I am really digging the new bottle shape. These upright squares are my favorite of all the shapes. 

Cool State
In the cool state, which if I am honest is what I saw most of the time I was wearing this shade, you get a medium cozy violet. The iridescent sparks give off a blue glow that reminds me of the old-school WnW purple, which adds to my love of this shade. Nostalgia is the fastest way to my heart, I admit.

in transition
Once you get a little warmed up, the warm aqua shows up and the flakes begin to glow. This shade feels very soft and vintage. I wish my hands weren't so cold most of the time, so that I could just have the aqua. 

warmed up
And here she is, in all her toasty glory. I had to use a hair dryer to get this shade...the only other time I see it is in the shower! Maybe I can find a nice dupe somewhere for this, because it really would be nice for springtime.

The inspiration for the one is Princess Mononoke. It came out way back in 1999 here in the US, before Netflix and most of the internet as we know it. I never got around to watching it, but as my eldest daughter is REALLY into anime I bet she can hook me up with a copy. It looks pretty neat, and all my nerdy friends seem to love it. I am not familiar with Studio Ghibli at all, sadly. I am just the right age to have missed this boat. Maybe 2020 will be the year that I catch up on all the things I missed by being old.

This polish will be available the first Friday in November. It has a pretty low cap (I think less than 130 bottles) so make sure your ninja fingers are ready. You are NOT going to let this one slip away. 


  1. *faints* this is one amazing thermal. Love what it is and what it becomes <3


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