Nailed It Ice Wraith Essence | Polish Pickup October 2019

More Polish Pickup awesomeness! Nailed It has crafted a sparkling Skyrim inspired polish, and I am here to share it!

promotional samples ahead

This crisp, chilly blue jelly is stuffed with iridescent flakes and tiny shimmering blue bits. It is squishy and blue, and looks so much like the inspo that it makes me reflexively angry. It is slightly thick, because its EVERY FLAKE EVER CREATED but not enough to get in the way of the formula. I used two coats here, and in normal light it was more than enough to cover the nail line.

It makes me angry because Skyrim thwarts me. T H W A R T S. M E. I made it to level 5, then everyone got mad at me in a town and tried to kill me (No, I didn't steal anything!). Then I tried to leave and go to another town...but there were FUCKING GIANTS on the road and they smooshed me. A lot. Do not like.


Don't sleep on this one. Or giants might smoosh you too. Or angry townspeople. 


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