Great Lakes Lacquer The Blind Bandit | Polish Pickup October 2019

Are you ready for the lean, mean, green fighting machine from Great Lakes Lacquer this month? I bet you aren't. But GLL is killing it this month, all across the board. 

promotional samples ahead

This beautiful, shimmering, saturated jade polish is stuffed with shifting flashy flakes and just overall green goodness. Lovers of good, classic colors are gonna be in for a real treat this month. 

The formula is good. GOOD. Smooth, fluid, but stiff enough to keep the teeny flakes diffused across your nail. I used two coats here, but I think I might do a third next time. On shorter nails, two coats is fine but folks with the claws might want to slap on a third. 

The inspiration this month is the absolute best characted from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Toph Beifong. She was 1000lbs of sass and badassery in a 10lb sack. I loved her. This green is a beautifully apt homage to The Blind Bandit, and I think it would be the color of her pedicure...if she had time for that nonsense.

The best part of this polish is the shift. Like a real hunk of jade, it has many faces. A deep kelly green peeks out at the edges, while a true green sits on top. In direct light, it looks fresh and soft like new springtime growth. But my favorite is the surprising aqua shimmer! You'll see it a bunch while your fingers move, but it was a bitch to catch on camera. You'll have to get it and test out all the angles.



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