Lollipop Posse Lacquer + ILNP | Simple Manicure

Now that I am not swatching, I actually have time to wear polish...and tackle my impossibly full "Untried drawer". Which may or may not be a collection of boxes, drawers and piles by now. For this manicure I grabbed two minty shades and slapped them on. Nothing fancy, but definitely fun. 

Colors Used:

I Love Nail Polish Spring Bouquet
Lollipop Posse Lacquer Good Morning, Lollipop

This is a deep-cut manicure, guys. I have had these two lurking around for a long time.  The Lollipop Posse is actually from way back in April 2017. From what I can tell from original swatches, the color seems to have aged well. It has a pretty pink underglow that just doesn't translate to camera...which is a bummer. You can see the whisper of gold flakes below, but in life it has a soft rosy aura as well. There was no fading or melting or weirdness...though I did find a neon pink pigment clump here and there. (You can see one on my middle finger). It applied a tiny bit streaky and sheerish, though that appears to have been the case originally. I used three thin coats here, and I was pretty happy. 

I paired it with a similarly minty intensely holo shade from ILNP. It was crazy thin, almost more like a topper...but if you've worn these holos from ILNP then you know the formula. I used another three coats here, and there was enough sparkle to hide a body. 

I am still loving the new nail shape...I think. They are a lot sharper than I am used to, and small injuries are occuring here and there. But it is reinvigorating my love of polish, and I am enjoying wearing my collection again. It has really been like a breath of fresh air for me. 

What do you do when your nails feel stale and tired?