Great Lakes Lacquer Pieces of Sunset | A Blurple~Winkle Lovers Group Custom

Great Lakes Lacquer has crafter a beautiful periwinkle-purple-violet-sparkle-shifter for the Blurple~Winkle Polish Lovers fangroup. Periwinkles are one of my favorite shades to wear in my off-time, and I very happily volunteered to swatch this beauty. Thankfully, Ms. Mariah chose me, and I got to play with this shade for a few days!

(promotional samples ahead)

This shade is a lovely shimmering, shifting shade filled with metallic flakes and iridescent flakes with an auroral shift in an iris purple base. I love anything that falls into "periwinkle" territory, and this one sits snugly in that column.

The metallic multichrome flakes change and turn like fall leaves, and the iridescent flakes flash a deep saturated pink. This polish actually reminds me a lot of my inspiration image from my Polish Pickup item back in June. In my headcannon, this is the polish version of that picture. The base reminds me of the pale purpley irises that grew below my bedroom window as a kid. I think that is why this is one of my favorite shades. It just gives me the warm-fuzzies.

If you're familiar with GLL, then you know the excellent formula that we have all come to expect. This shade is no different, and I only used two coats here. 

A little angling and low light shows off the shifty flakes and aurorae so nicely. I feel like I need a burnt orange metallic stamping polish for this. It is screaming for nail art.

This is available until the 31st from the GLL shop. You have to join the fangroup to buy it, but it is definitely worth doing.