Cuticula Sorcery Duo | Polish Pickup September 2019

Cuticula has brought back the Static base for this month's Polish Pickup, and it brought a friend. I gave these darlings a long (for me) test, and I am ready to share the results!

(promotional samples ahead)

Let's start with the Static Sticky base. This is a fluid, grippy base coat with a nearly imperceptible apple green tint. It makes a great base for glittery polishes, jellies, and creamier holos. (For thinner polishes, I prefer the new Mic Drop base. It's a bit more squishy). I find that the wear length is pretty comparable between the two types, so there is no worry there. It doesn't seem to peel or buckle and crack with wear, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. It even survives the shower without issue.

Glossy and smooth, but on the thinner side. Great for multilayered manicures.

Next up is the Limitless topper. It is a lovely quick-drying topper....but way more nail-art friendly than most. I really enjoy the Timeless topper from this brand, but it can be a little finicky with fine stamping/nail art if you are an impatient asshole like me not careful. This one had NO such issues. Even mostly careless folk can get a nice, streak free finish. I used it as a topper for a couple of manicures with fabulous results. 

It even plays nicely with magnetics. Which, frankly, surprised the hell out of me. 

The scent for this pair is Sorcery and is inspired by the Disney Classic Fantasia. It is described as "...a fruity blend of blackberries, peaches, watermelon, and green apple" and I would agree with that. It's fruity and kinda dark but not cloying and overly sweet. I dig it. (I actually really like wearing it combined with the Sparkling Mint Blossom scent, btw. 10/10 recommend.) I am wearing the Static scented base right now, under two layers of color, two layers of Seche Vite, a stamped layer, and a sponged layer. It has been about 30 hours, and I can just get a hint of something pleasant. When I combined the top and base, I got a solid 48+ hours of nice smells. Enough that my daughter kept asking to smell my public. Only polish addicts can relate. If scents aren't for you, Cuticula does offer these in unscented in her shop...though not for such a good deal.

A few instaposts featuring the Limitless top coat. I wore the cats for over a week. Because cats.

This duo will be available in the Polish Pickup for $16 with no cap. If you like fruity things, I would recommend grabbing this pair.