Cuticula Magic Mirror Magnetic Shifting Topper | Polish Pickup September 2019

The Polish Pickup spell is being cast again! I am starting the fun with Cuticula's first offering: a shifting magically fluid magnetic multichrome topper. These toppers are the new hot thing, and let me tell you guys: I am here for it.

Cuticula Magic Mirror Magnetic Shifting Topper | Polish Pickup September 2019

(promotional samples ahead)

This topper is a swarm of multichrome magnetic bits. It looks like tiny black flecks, like a flock of birds against an early evening sky. I personally prefer it over dark colors, but it does do its thing regardless of the base.

To make this work, you have to use a bit thicker coat than usual. Don't freak out. I know it feels like sacrilege, but just soldier on. The base is so fluid, you need a bit extra to get a good oomph here. I personally like the fluid base. It makes the magnetic bits float above your manicure. This polish was made for macros. 

I wore a plain black cream, plus a peacock teal and rich raspberry, to test this out. It looks good over everything, but black is where its at. Or purple...or navy. But dark. So the pigments twinkle, but don't stand out until they shift. I didn't even use a topper here. This really is a glossy topper on its own. I can't vouch for the weartime, but it sure looks like glass.

Then I got uppity and had a brilliant idea. I layered this topper over another magnetic polish because I am a rebel. I used the Polished for Days magnetic from February's PPU. I accidentally nerfed the magnetic effect (fyi: Wet'n'Wild clear is not great for magnetics) but I still think it looks amazing. I preferred making a contrasting line with the Cuticula topper, but doing them in the same direction could be really neat too. The possibilities are pretty open.

This magnificent topper will be available 06 September from the Polish Pickup. If you love magnetics like I do, then you NEED this one. It brings such possibilities! I can't wait to try this out in a galaxy manicure!