Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Empties | April 2019

The hoarder in my loves/hates this post. On one hand, I love making space in my collection for new stuff...but on the other hand I will miss some of these things when they are gone.

Empties | April 2019

The first thing I finished gets an asterisk. I bought this little tub of Garnier Fructis Soothing Treat 3 Minute Hair Mask only to mix in my purple dye and make my own "toning" conditioner. I added a wee bit of the Iro Colors violet, and stirred it up. It was just enough to knock some of the yellower tones from my highlighted hair, but it didn't deposit a bunch of color. The conditioner was just ok, and I think when I remake this stuff I'll grab a different brand. It did smell nice though, very "avocados in a salon".

Empties | April 2019

The other thing I finished was 5 little samplers of wax. My friends keep all their "weird shit" aside for me, so I have a very eclectic collection. I often find some gems in there, so I don't mind. Give me all the patchouli/incense!
  • Sweet Sage Scents Therman Merman: Grape Giggles and Moon Dust. It's nice, but really raspberry/sweet.
  • Super Tarts Mindy Project: Blueberries, Mango chunks and a crisp White Sangria. I don't really remember this one, but I don't remember hating it...for whatever that is worth.
  • Super Tarts Rosewood: Rosewood, Lemon Zest, Musk and Orange Slices. This one, I do remember. I liked it.
  • Sweet Sage Scents Apricot Freesia: sweet apricot blended with beautiful floral notes of freesia with just a hint of background greens. It was really nice. I definitely felt like I was in a Bath & Body Works back in 1997, but I didn't mind it.
  • Sweet Sage Scents Many Blessings: Pink Sugar and Sandalwood. I think, in general, I like sandalwood in the mix. Not as much as my husband, but close.

Not a huge amount, but not bad. I hope to do better for May. I am only using 3 burning now, and I try to remember to change them out daily...but time gets away from me.

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