Psyche Minerals | Starry Eyed Duo

Molly of Psyche Minerals is a serious friend of the blog. Over the last few months we have developed a glittering, colorful friendship that has finally blossomed into something we can share with the rest of the world. The theme for this month's Indie Pickup is Duos & Pairs, and we paired up to bring you a duo-ception. 

(promotional samples ahead)

First up is my girl Molly's mini mineral shadow duo. It is comprised of an inky satin navy with diffuse sparkles and a glowing warm platinum. This duo was inspired by Castor & Pollux, the two brothers who make up the Gemini Constellation.

Castor | 1g 
Molly calls this a medium silver, but I think I would call it a platinum. It is a highly reflective, almost metallic shimmer. This is my favorite kind of color, and I have been enjoying this as an all-over-the-lid color this past week. I swatched it on my hand over Urban Decay Primer Potion. I didn't get too much fallout, which is always a worry when it comes to loose shadows. I bet this would be a great inner corner highlight if you applied it with a damp pencil brush.

Pollux | 1g
This is a deep, interstellar navy with tiny blue sparks. It is immediately evocative of The Void. I have been using this smudged into my lash line...and I love it. It gives an inky look, but is way less harsh than typical black. I swatched this one over Urban Decay Primer Potion as well. Because this is so dark, I think that gentle blending is best. I got a little excited, and it tried to fight with me and got a wee bit patchy. I admit that I tried to blend it without laying a base shadow down...I should have known better with UDPP.

Playing around now! I blended my swatches together...and love. I need a duochrome that looks like this on its own. I can't wait to play around with these shadows more. I would love to add some neon to this mix.

And like I said, this is a collaboration! I made some killer hair baubles for The Indie Pickup! They really do go quite well together, don't you think? 

These beautiful shadows, plus my delightful little hair elastic, will be available tomorrow and all weekend. Are they on your wishlist yet?