Demiflux Jewelry | Marie Curie Inspired "Radium" Lamp Pull

As everyone knows, I am in love with The Indie Pickup. Not only do I have a product in there (as The Crafty Taco!) nearly every month, but I am an avid customer. One of my favorite recent purchases was this amazing lamp pull from Demiflux. I am a huge fan of lamps, and I was over the moon to see this item in the shop for the "Badass Women" theme.

It is a large, resin pendulum that glows in the dark. I hung it from the ceiling fan that hangs over my bed. It is a lovely lime green during the day, and an intense irradiated green glow at night. I love it so much. My husband was a little on the fence, because he was afraid it was going to be this shining light...but he falls asleep eight seconds after turning out the light so he doesn't get a vote!

The inspiration for this one was Marie Curie, who pretty much discovered radium and changed the world...and sacrificed herself for science. I remember reading a book about her in second grade for "Women's History" and she has held a special place in my heart ever since.

I am very excited to see what else Demiflux is gonna bring to the IPU table in the future. I may need to install more fans if this pattern holds.


  1. Sometimes I forget this glows in the dark and I wake up in the middle of the night and it freaks me out.

    1. I go to bed late, and if I walk into the dark startles me a little.


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