What I've Been Doing While I've Been Away

Remember when I was posting every single day? That apparently became too much for my tiny brain and I broke. I stopped accepting samples and I stopped blogging. I needed something to refire my engines, and that turned out to be crafty things!  

I started blogging back in 2012, and it was purely for the fun of it. Proper "swatching" came, for me, a year or so later...and it completely changed things for me. I went down the primrose Indie Polish path and never came back. And I don't regret that for a second. But recently, I have felt like my creativity was drowning in obligation...and I'm sure you all noticed as well. I wrote less passionately about the shades on the blog, and rarely wore polish in my off-hours. That is when I knew that it was time for a break. 

Meanwhile, I had become part of The Polish Pickup. It is a great venue for themed polishes...which evolved into other items like skincare, jewelry, and crafts. I decided to revive my old shop, rebrand as The Crafty Taco (because of course tacos) and start stretching my creative wings again. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I decided to slow the samples down a ton and focus on creating silly and beautiful things instead.

I had made other plans to do some other, totally separate things...but the gods laugh while mortals plan and things didn't work out like I expected...and I fired up the blog again. But it will be like it was for me now. Full of fire and creativity and fun. 

So tl;dr I lost my way for a while. Now I think I'm finding it, and this is what I have been doing!

Fairy Fire Purse & Bag Charm 
November 2018 Indie Pickup | Enchanted Forest

Rise Up Mini Stitch Marker Set
November 2018 Indie Pickup | Bad-ass Women

Eternia's Charms Stitch Marker Set
October 2018 Indie Pickup | Villains

Arachnoid Presence Bookmark
September 2018 Indie Pickup | Horror Movies

Grimoire Placekeepers
March 2018 Polish Pickup | Books

Cookies & Milk Scrunchies
May 2018 Polish Pickup | 1990s

 Into the Woods Keychains
August 2018 Indie Pickup | Musicals

 Moon Rock Earrings
April 2018 Polish Pickup | Across the Universe

courtesy of polished pathology

Other Stuff
I've also been participating in a really neat little group on instagram called "PureArt Collab". If you are even slightly interested in doing creative things, I encourage you to join up! All mediums are welcome, even makeup and nail art!

Ursula/The Little Mermaid Inspired

Gryffindor Inspired

Princess Jasmine Inspired

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty Inspired

Ursula/The Little Mermaid Inspired

Slytherin Inspired

And I've been semi-secretly making little things for my eventual shop! (damnable permits. I need to make phone calls...so of course I'm procrastinating.)

And there we are! I've not been dead this whole time, though there were some moments when I wasn't 100% sure. I'm not quite ready yet, but I'd love for you to give me a follow on Facebook or Instagram. I'll be sharing news over there on the regular!


  1. I love all this but especially the dragon egg / scaly earrings. Cannot wait for your shop to open!


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