Vapid Lacquer | Long Lost Jellies

This Vapid Lacquer post is another painfull reminder that I have been in a bad place for longer than I want to admit. It has been a hard row to hoe this year, and I am not sure why. It's a shame that I have been hiding these lovely shades from you all as a consequence.

(promotional samples ahead)

I'm not going to review these properly. I mean, it has been so long that I am ashamed of myself. So lets just enjoy the pretty pictures?

Calamari Ice


Animal Crackers

I don't remember any issues with these polishes. Vapid generally works really well for me, even with dense flakes like these. I took a quick peek in the shop, and two of these shades are still available, so maybe I am not too horribly tardy. (haha, just kidding. I am)