Starlight Polish Mythological Opal Collection

Who is ready to finally see my swatches of the Starlight and Sparkles Mythological Opal collection? I have been on vacation for a week or so...and the prep work for a vacation with two kids is surprisingly intense. I feel bad that I hoarded these swatches for so long, because these are amazing and sparkly and shifty and magical and yesssssssss.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is mostly going to be a swatch post. This quintet of shining, shifting flake toppers is beautiful enough to be eye-candy without my blathering on. I used one coat of each topper over a plain black cream; except for Phoenix Opal, which was layered over Obsidian. There were no problems with any of the formulas, and I slapped my usual layer of Seche Vite over the top of each one without issue.

Really, if I were left to my own devices...this post would just be a collection of macros. I love how these flakes look up close and at angles. I mean, yeah the polish is pretty anyway...but that shift y'all.

Chimera Opal | one coat

Dragon Opal | one coat

Kelpie Opal | one coat

Phoenix Opal | one coat

Unicorn Opal | one coat

Obsidian | two coats
This is the standard base that one would use if they were going for the looks I showcased above. This is a creamy black with a soft, almost imperceptable shimmer. It reminds me, in person at least, of a darker Chanel Graphite. All the shimmer gets lost in pictures, and I didn't want to waste the precious it for I used my old stand-by mainstream black cream.

Do you have a favorite? I kinda do. I think Chimera Opal is the must-have shade in this quintet. It is just an explosion of rainbows...but then I really like the cool, pacific shifts of Kelpie and Unicorn. You'll have to let me know which one you prefer.


  1. These are very pretty, love the opal toppers!

  2. I like that the flakes in these seem to be smaller, it helps to really show off the shift.

  3. Would that be Chanel Graphite or Chanel Black Satin? It looks a lot like Black Satin to me.

    I still have a huge collection of ILNP flakies that need to be swatched :X

  4. Nothing new but still all pretty!!

  5. I totally agree with you. Chimera Opal is the must have. I think that's they only one I would pick up, but they are all pretty.


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