Fair Maiden Polish Derby Divas Collection

Fair Maiden Polish has a killer quartet for this summer, guaranteed to make you feel like you are a bad-ass amazon roller derby warrior. I had a special hand in this collection, so obviously it is amazing. They're so dazzling, you'll be pricing derby skates and helmets before you know it.

(promotional samples ahead)

Little Grr Maid | two coats
This is a lovely perfect teal holo filled with two colors of flakes, both multichrome and delicious. It applies like magic, though if I am honest I have yet to try a FM shade that doesn't apply super nicely. Do you have a friend who is on the cusp of being a lacquerhead? This would be the brand to push them over, and this might be the shade with which to start. It is definitely my favorite...for a reason. 

This was sort of my custom shade. My eldest daughter does junior Roller Derby (her team is the Dread Ponies!). Their mascot is a scary pony that is exactly this shade of teal. I harassed and harangued for a few months until eventually this shade was born. All the little Ponies love and adore it, and some of the older girls were REALLY excited. 

Cinder Hella | two coats
This badass is a black multichrome with holo and flakes...and it is super witchy. Aside from the sentimentality of Little Grr Maid, this might be my favorite. It is a great change from my typical black, and the flakes look alive. It has a slight squish to it, but I wouldn't call it jelly. But it isn't creamy either. It's just nice.

Malice in Wonderland | two coats
This is a pale, foggy dove gray holo with a pale pink glow over holo and iridescent mermaid flakes. It is the perfect palate cleanser in a season of loud neons and crazy magnetics. I was initially apprehensive, because colors this pale can be a beast...but this one applies really nicely and without a lump or trough to be seen. The surprise shift on this one is really amazing. Even for someone like me that owns two hundred thousand gray shades...this one is a must-have.

Rapunchel | two coats
Are you in need of a day-job color? This is the one. It is a luminous soft fuchsia holo with a warm glow. It leans ever so slightly towards the pink end of fuchsia, which is why I think this is a SFW shade. It is almost a one-coater too...which I like for colors like this because generally if I have to wear a normal color, I am also in a hurry or on vacation. 

And here are the derby divas that inspired it all! This is our team (The Dread Ponies) and another semi-local team after a scrimmage. These girls are so badass. (faces obscured because kids). Junior derby isn't as rough as the adults, but it is a great way to build confidence in girls and it is an excellent way to make friends.

These are available right now. RIGHT NOW. Strap on your helmet and get over there.


  1. I’m really digging Malice in Wonderland!

  2. Great collection and swatches! I love Malice in Wonderland.


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