Empties | 2018 Q1

It's empties time! I have been saving these up for a while, at least eight months. But I'm calling it for the first quarter of the year, and maybe in another few months I will do another post. Or not. It depends on whether I can stay committed to the no-buy/low-buy lifestyle. It is hard, but seeing all the things I have finished off really helps me see the progress I am making.

(promotional samples ahead)

Body Care
I have really dry, sensitive skin, so I burn through a lot of lotion. Plus I am slightly obsessed with it...so yeah. I use a whole bunch. The Amlactin is a great, unscented, non-fancy body lotion. If you have mild KP or just really textured skin, I recommend it. It does have Lactic Acid in it, so wear sunscreen or else. My other favorite is the Heel to Toe foot lotion from Sally's. It smells just like a salon and makes me feel fancier. 

Hair Stuff
There really isn't much here worth freaking out over...except that Pureology stuff. It is amazing for damaged/color treated hair. But be prepared to sell a kidney for it. That little bottle is $20 before coupons.

Lush Cosmetics
While most of the empties here are mine, the real reason we go to Lush is because my husband has found his HG face/beard wash in Kalamazoo. Everything else is just ok. Except that Bunny Moon jelly mask. 0/10 would buy again.

Manicure Supplies
These are the things I could blather on forever about, and maybe I'll do a video one day. Basically, everything here is a staple, and I use a variant of them daily. Especially that big-ass bottle of Seche Vite. I can't live without it.

It is so hard for me to use up full bottles, so I generally buy rollerballs or score samples. There is nothing worth noting here, and nothing I would repurchase.

Sheet Masks
If you follow me on Facebook, you'll already know that I love sheet masks. My favorite here is the Pureness 100 mask from Tony Moly. But they're all good.

So...remember what I said about lotion? It applies to my face too.The only things I have repurchased here are:
  • Evian Facial Mist (a must have for frequent flyers)
  • QTica lip balm (my HG for the last 14 years)
  • ELF Setting Spray (It works and its cheap)

I have been into smelly things forever, but this year has brought me into wax. I've been making a serious effort to use up my wax melts  so I can justify buying more, and I am really dialing in my tastes. The only thing I would NOT repurchase is the Celtic Coffee from Satin Suzie. It smells like day old coffee and I do not enjoy it at all. 

If you're on FB and trying to clear out your hoard, join us! It is a great group of people who will support you in your low-buy/no-buy efforts.