Emily de Molly | May 2018

Emily de Molly is back with more amazing things for May. The last few months, thanks to EdM, I have found a deep and abiding love for magnetic multichromes. Holyshit you guys. I am obsessed.

Emily de Molly | May 2018

(promotional samples ahead)

Causing Friction | two coats
This is a warm wine almost jelly stuffed with shifting flakes and a tiny sparkle of holo. It is very 90s, and reminds me of Chanel Vamp or Revlon Vixen. But better. It doesn't like humidity, and it was a tiny bit thick for me. A little topcoat does wonders, though.

Reflected Glory | two coats 
Doing what Edm does best, right here. This is a saturated rose-gold linear holo with a foily, metallic finish. If I had put a little effort into it, this would have been a one-coat wonder.

Lost in Translations | two coats
Hello, thermal! This is a soft indigo-tinged copper (while cool) with matte silver glitters. If it stayed like this, I would have been perfectly happy. When it warms up, it changes to a cool petal-pink. I almost can't believe that these are the same polish. And I watched them change.

Winter's Gate | two coats
I love this pale, pinky lilac polish with an aurora glow. Those tiny flakes shift and glow, and it applies easy and smooth. This is a lovely neutral, perfect for a late spring wedding or a very tardy Mother's Day gift.

Larger Than Life | two coats
This is a bright, super holo sour apple shade. It has a metallic flash and holo glitters and feels like a beach party. Normally I don't like greens on my skin, but this one is really happy and wearable.

The Longest Night | two coats
This is so spooky and dark, but somehow the sister of Larger Than Life. It reminds me of a stylized night sky over a tropical sea. Like most of the glittery holobombs from this brand, it applies so nice and even.

Mundane Tasks | two coats
This is a dusty teal-leaning blue filled with kelly green and pink glitters. The formula is a standard cream/jelly. I want a dress in a print like this. I love the color palette. 

Traverse the Day | two coats
Hehehehe. So...I am newly obsessed with magnetic polishes. I remember the awful Sally Hansen ones, and they put me off the concept forever. But this one was so easy to use...this was only my second magnetic since those terrible failures back in the day. I LOVE IT. It's so well behaved. And magical. Get you some.

And there she is! May is an amazing month, and next month is only going to be more amazing. While you're shopping, you should check out last months too.