Pahlish Bespoke Batch | Summer 2018

It is time for summer nights and a little dash of Pahlish. This little quintet of Bespoke shades are just perfect for dim lights, fire pits, and beaches. This is my kind of summertime collection.

(promotional samples ahead)

Plasma | two coats
This is a plummy violet jelly filled with an auroral shift and aquatic flakes. The flakes glow like molten metal and I want to wear this forever. The formula is loooovely, though I'm mad at my pictures because I can see the nail line. In real life, it isn't that obvious because of the shift and flakes.

Birthday Bunny | two coats
Hello sparklemonster. This is a brilliant, crystalline silver holo glitter with an explosion of rainbow hexes. It is amazing and fabulous and I feel like a discoball birthday cake wearing it. I stole this from Jenny read on another blog that  "...$2 per bottle will be donated to the Nashville Bunny Rescue in honor of Shannon's bunny Magnolia and her 2nd birthday in May!" I used two coats and if there is a bit of nail line I can't see it. I was blinded by sparkle.

Transistor | three coats
I love teal. I love the ones that don't stain me even moreso. So when you add shifting flakes to the mix and a wee bit of twinkle...well. Suffice to say, I love this. People who know me IRL will recognize this as a former hair color of mine! I may not be able to be objective about this color. Scroll down to the three-finger macro and rejoice.

White Hot | three coats
This is a cool white, almost softly gray jelly/cream filled with soft iridescent flakes. It's like the glimmer off a unicorns hip. The flakes shift from pink to a wave of sunset shades at extreme angles. It does not enjoy 80%+ humidity though. I retested it a few days later and it behaved much better. I do kind-of adore this shade. It would be a great slightly unusual but still enough to shut up your grandmother bridal shade.

Electric Lights | three coats
I hope you don't hear my breathing heavily. Like a creep. This is a wonderfull pulverized grape jelly filled with tropical teal flakes. I love this color, but its like the above teal. I can't be objective because this is one of my favorite colors. On Earth. There is the most subtle holo twinkle that peeks out at more extreme angles...along with a warm shift. Sigh. If you even remotely like colors like this...just get it. You won't regret it.

These are all available right this second. You can grab them in the Pahlish shop. But don't dawdle, because these are smaller batches and may not be around forever.