Great Lakes Lacquer My Kingdom for a Taco

You guys. Great Lakes Lacquer has blown my socks right the hell off. The taco thing has gotten out of hand in the most delightful way, you guys. So much so, that I have decided that this is officially Taco Tuesday. I have a few hilarious and beautiful shades inspired by buckle in. It's going to be a sparkly ride.

(gifted items ahead)

To kick Taco Tuesday off, I am going to start with the newest addition to my taco-lecction. This was available for purchase a while back, I want to say as a small batch offering. Which is a crying shame, you guys. A vampy fuchsia holo this pretty needs to be on every finger on earth. The cobalt flakes command it. 

I know I am being a little goofy. But I just love that something ridiculous spawned such a glorious shade...not to mention this formula. This is two thin coats, guys. It is just...sigh. I am in love. 

If the taco-nnection doesn't make sense to you...well, I'm sorry. I suggest just focusing on the pretty things, they are definitely worth the trouble.

Mariah. I adore you. Thank you forever.


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