Emily de Molly | February 2018

Am I an Emily de Molly fangirl? Absolutely. Every month rolls around and she brings us another collection of magical sparkly things. February is no different. Just wait until you see these, you'll be a fangirl/boy too.

(promotional samples ahead)

Modern Muse | two coats
This is a vibrant watermelon cream with  cobalt flakes and a pale aqua shimmer. It really does remind me of a space watermelon, and I can't get around that idea. I actually don't hate it though, because that sounds hilariously cool. The formula on this one is wonderful. It performs like a true cream, but the flakes and shimmer still dance together without effort.

Embellished Response | two coats
This is a warm, saturate rose with gold microflakes that look so delicate I am not sure how they haven't dissolved. The formula on this one is on the creamier side, and without top coat it has a matte finish that is pretty incredible...but I can't pass up a glossy pink.

Change of Pace | two coats
This is a pale, pale blush with holo and red glitters. Looking at it now, it makes me think of peppermint candies...and I'm suddenly missing Xmas candy. I was pleasantly surprised by this shade, because generally these colors can look a little rough on people of my coloring. I can't wait to see this on someone a shade or two darker...I bet it glows.

Art of Structure | two coats
Goldenrod. Butterscotch. Harvest Gold. I have so many different names for this cozy holo. This is a classic EdM formula, and it is everything you want out of a good holo. I could do with a whole rainbow of colors in this formula. cough cough.

Ruined Cities | two coats
I can't quite describe this shade. Maybe it is kinda raisin? But with a yellow green shimmer  and golden flakes. Whatever you call this creamy bottle of happiness, it is awesome. I love moody, unusual colors and this one definitely fits the bill.

Little Whispers | two coats
This is a creamy lilac disco ball with a faint green pearly glow. It is blindingly sparkly and holo, so if you are looking to stop traffic this beauty is definitely worth a second look.

Jaded Visions | two coats
This is a cerulean blue jelly stuffed with flakes...and then stuffed again. There is a twinkle of holo and a shine of iridescent shimmer all over. It really is a pond manicure in one simple step.

Linked Irony | two coats
This is a platinum linear holo shining with a rainbow of iridescent flakes. It reminds me of what a unicorn egg would look like, all brilliant and speckled. I also might be a little punchy because it is quite late as I'm writing this, and that makes me a little prone to waxing poetic about sparkles. 

These are available right now! Which one is your favorite? I think that I am all over that butterscotch holo...and I don't even like that color in any other format.