Vapid Lacquer Wax Shot Laundry Day | Post-Melt Review

Is anyone surprised to see Vapid Lacquer wax melts here? You shouldn't be. In addition to having been a swatcher for the brand for a significant period of time, I am also a low-key fangirl. Especially when it comes to the non-polish items! And when I decided to start review my wax, I knew that this brand would be taking a large place in the smelly spotlight.

Vapid Wax Laundry Day | Post-Melt Review

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Vapid Wax Laundry Day | Post-Melt Review

This is a large, flower shaped wax melt. I bought it forever ago, but I never melted it for one reason or another. It was just the thing I was craving after melting some really warm, rich, savory scents. It has a nice clean scent when you open the package, and even if you aren't a wax person...this might be worth buying. I am a big fan of keeping smelly things in linen closets, and this little tart in a jar would be just the thing to keep your towels and sheets fresh. When you warm it, you get the exact same scent. I kinda adore that purity of scent.

  • texture: firm but not hard. I bet if you were to squeeze this in your hand, it would deform pretty easily. Don't store this in your pockets.
  • color/appearance: a pale avocado fading into an orange-leaning peach. It also has a surprise gold shimmer inside that blooms as it melts.
  • throw: holy. shit. you. guys. It was too good. Next time, I will definitely be cutting this baby into bits. Melting the whole thing, while lovely to watch, is too much.
  • cost per ounce: sorry guys, I really can't remember. I checked the website, but because they're all out of stock I can't tell you what they retail for now. I want to say they were $2.25 for a two-pack. 
  • repurchase: yesssssss. I love the scent and Vapid wax is good for me. More than 75% of my stash is currently Vapid.

I am pretty enthralled with this one. I feel like it could be an everyday kind of smell, if used in moderation. Once spring rolls around here, I'll definitely be buying another tart.