Cosmoprof North America 2016 | Las Vegas, Wildfires, and Heat

Cosmoprof North America is a gigantic cosmetics trade show. It is mind-blowingly large. I was lucky enough to attend this years very briefly.  It is just crazy. I kinda want to go back.

Cosmoprof North America 2016 | Las Vegas, Wildfires, and Heat

This was my first show as a blogger...but hopefully not my last. My initial plan was to cruise around and get the feel for things this year, and if I could swing it again next it all again. I didn't plan on a few things, sadly, and I only had the first day to walk around.

So I snatched some images from the you do.

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What I learned

Comfy shoes are the best thing ever. Yeah yeah want to look cute. These are beauty-focused people and you want to fit in. But y'all...the amount of walking required here is nuts. NUTS. Wear your comfiest shoes and your FitBit.

Bring water and mints in your bag. All that chatting is going to leave you parched. Parched mouth leads to bad breath...and you don't want to be remembered for that.

Hand sanitizer is your friend. All those hands. All the shaking...maybe I spend too much time around school kids.

You won't see it all in one day. You won't. Don't even try. Break it into blocks and then go accordingly. You are allowed to take breaks.

Don't be that guy with the rolling suitcase. Or, if you are...don't roll over toes. 

Take more pictures. All of the pictures. You will not remember what you've seen.

I still haven't decided if I will attend next year. This year has been a perfect storm of nonsense and fuckery for me. I think I must have angered the gods of travel somehow. If I go back again, I definitely will sacrifice a suitcase or something. But check this out:

•July 03, 2016 our landlord decided to tell us he wanted to sell the house. Yay. We always wanted to buy this place...but not until 2017. Then we learned the price...oh, how we laughed. So I spent the weeks proceeding my first solo trip on an airplane ever freaking out about where I was going to be living. I definitely didn't want strangers wandering through my house, and the stress of keeping a house "open house clean" for someone elses sake made me want to summon demons to eat their eyes. We spent a week looking for apartments that had laundry hookups, were under our budget, and allowed pets...such fun. Then we decided to see about buying a house...that wasn't hilariously priced. And holy shit we found one. At the time of this writing, we are trying to get the mortgage secured. It's giving me all sorts of new sparkly gray hair. 

•On July 22, 2016 an unattended campfire in the Garrapata State Park sparked a wildfire that is still raging nearly a month later. It has currently burned 75,000 acres and is only 60% contained. As the crow -and wind- flies, I am less than 40 miles from the fire. Smoke and ash have been our constant companions, but at least we are safe. But as an allergy sufferer, smoke + airplane + a/c is not the most fun ever. I woke up Monday (cosmoprof day two) with a face full of pain. Yay. 

I don't know if I'll attend next year. Ask me again in February or so. But it was an interesting experience to say the least.


  1. I was looking forward to your take! Hope you can go again next year under better circumstance. It sucks that your landlord has an unrealistic idea of the price of your house. But yay for a brand new house to your specifications.


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