Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops Limited Edition Trio

Vapid Lacquer has done it again. I don't know why any of us are even surprised at this point. Pretty much everything that comes from that magical place is just the bee's knees these days. (hehe rhymes) Today I am sharing my pictures and thoughts on the upcoming limited edition Cap'n Crunk Loops Trio. Tl;dr it smells divine.

Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops Limited Edition Trio

(promotional samples ahead)

The trio comes with your choice of a 4oz body cream + 0.6oz Nail Sauce (or in the 8oz body cream + 1oz Nail Sauce; not pictured) and a full-sized cream/jelly glitterpocalypse. If you're lucky, you might get the kitty too. Maybe.

Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops Limited Edition Trio

Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Polish
This shade is a milky white jelly/cream hybrid (I will not use that word!) filled with rainbow glitters in a plethora of sizes, a sprinkling of holo, and I swear there is a tiny bit of shimmer going on here too. It definitely reminds me of a certain loopy cereal floating in a sea of fresh milk. It makes my lactose-intolerant heart ache for days gone by...sigh. It can be worn alone in three thin coats with no fussing or poking at the glitters, or layered over a white base to get a brighter look.

On my index, middle, and pinkie I used three thin coats followed with a layer of Seche Vite. On my ring finger I layered one coat over a white base and followed with a coat of Seche Vite.

Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Polish

Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops

Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Body Cream
If you are familiar with (and already love) the Vapid Body Creams then you will be in heaven with this formula. It is a goat-milk moisturizer, and it feels rich and thick on my skin. I was a bit worried because I generally use a very thin body lotion (Cetaphil if you're wondering) so this was a definite departure for me. But I think I am sold on this stuff. It soaked right into my skin and left me feeling soft and supple. It doesn't have a tangible residue, and my hands don't feel slimy when I wash them...which is one of my biggest pet peeves about lotion in general.

The scent here is what really sets this decadent lotion apart for me. At first blush, it smells super bright and fruity...almost too strong for someone like me who usually sticks to unscented products. It is citrusy and vibrant and happy. Once on my* skin, it settled down a bit into something spicy and warm, but still with that fruity edge. The longer I wore it, the more mellow and kinda sexy it became. That settled scent might be my summer scent: it is like a grown-up version of the original scent. 

*remember that with scents, everyone has different body chemistry. You should always apply a scent and wait 30 minutes before making your final decision when it comes to choosing a fragrance. Chemistry is a helluva thing.

 Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Body Cream

Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Nail Sauce
I have reviewed this product before, albeit in a different scent. I still love this stuff, and I am now happily able to spread this product around my house. This scent matches the body cream perfectly, and the sauce saturates and moisturizes like a wonderful, magical thing. In the months since I wrote the initial review, the Nail Sauce has become my post-swatching/hand scrubbing/house cleaning finger pampering treatment. What is amazing is that I have barely put a dent in my original little pot. When you think of me + Nail Sauce, imagine happy little hearts and shit.

Vapid Lacquer Cap'n Crunk Loops │ The Nail Sauce

Important Stuff
  • This trio is limited edition. 
  • The polish will be restocked, but it is not core. There is no date currently for the future restock.
  • The trio will be available May 21 @1pm Central from the Vapid shop
  • There are two sizes for the trio: 4oz Cream + 0.6oz Nail Sauce or 8oz Cream + 1oz Nail Sauce
  • The polish is only available in the full size
  • The polish is available alone, but the body care only comes in the set

What do you think? I think this would make a terrific teacher's gift or a birthday set for someone you love. Add a sparkly rainbow ribbon and you have a perfectly curated gift set! What more could you need?


  1. Sooo... what happens to me if I stand here and say 'CRELLY' really loudly for no reason?
    PS these look amazing!

  2. The nail sauce sounds awesome.

  3. That polish is too cute and the name definitely fits!

  4. I like it! I keep saying I need to make a massive purchase from Vapid.

  5. What a great name! The set sounds delightful with that pretty polish.

  6. Love the polish and that it is not bright white based which always looks so wrong on me (but if it doesn't come with a kitty...)

  7. This all sounds soooo nice! I need to try their Nail Sauce!

  8. But how much is it all?! I'm digging the polish.

  9. I love the scent of this lotion so much! Gorgeous swatch too!

  10. That polish is so gorgeous! And, I need the lotion and the nail cream! <3

  11. Aaahhhh all so yummy! And the polish is so fun!

  12. That sauce sounds perfect for me! Looks like I'm getting the set

  13. That polish needs to be on my nails ASAP


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