Powder Perfect Flawless Fortifying Base Coat

Powder Perfect is a pretty new-to-me Australian brand. I've oogled the polishes for a while, but never got around to trying them until I was lucky enough to swatch a trio. I was sent the Flawless Fortifying Base Coat, and decided to give it a whirl. 

Powder Perfect Flawless Fortifying Base Coat

(promotional samples ahead)

I really put this base coat through the ringer, guys. I waited until my nails were annoyingly long (for me) and then decided to try it out for a week. I chose a nail color that I knew worked well with my personal chemistry (ILNP Home Sweet Home) and got to polishing. 

Here are my bare nails, on Day One, with a single layer of the base and nothing else. You'll notice that my index is still quite scuffed from a recent bout with UV gels. Ah well, we'll see if the base can smooth things out. 

I like that this base is a bit on the thicker side. Not as gel-ish as Gelous, mind you...but it fills in and smooths over the bumps and scuffs that natural nails tend to accumulate when you are a klutz. It set up quickly and I was ready to paint within minutes.

Powder Perfect Flawless Fortifying Base Coat

Here we begin. One coat of base, four fucking coats of the ILNP, and a layer of Seche Vite. I kinda half-assedly wrapped my tips, because that is how I normally do my nails for actual wear. 

Powder Perfect Flawless Fortifying Base Coat • Day One

Before we really start, let me just detail what I did during the eight days that I wore this polish:

  • Scrubbed my kids bathroom top to bottom
  • Dyed my hair three times: brown/black, green, and purple. Because deciding is hard.
  • Scrubbed my living room top to bottom
  • Cleaned my desk for the first time since 2015
  • Did a household's worth of laundry with only a washing machine and an Ikea drying rack
  • Cleaned an 8yos room from top to bottom in under 24 hours
  • Cleaned my fireplace
  • Knitted angrily
  • Re-acquired the habit of chewing on my fingernails.
  • Continued to type with my nail tips like a jackass
  • Washed a certain five-year-olds hair more times than I would like to...because peanut butter.

It was a busy week. This is what all that fun left me with:

Powder Perfect Flawless Fortifying Base Coat • Day 8

After eight long days of housewifery, my nails and hands were due a manicure. But my nail polish was actually in great shape. If I hadn't started absent-mindedly chewing on my nails, I probably would have left them alone for a few more days. But long nails are not for me. I had pretty minimal tip wear considering, and I didn't even have any chips from the day of hauling wet clothes around and smashing my index fingertip in the washing machine lid.

You can see from the growth that this is the same manicure, so no shenanigans there. I took a shitload of macros trying to show the tip wear...what little there was.

And some macros.

I don't know if this will replace my "Holy Grail" base coat (currently Gelous) but it is the first indie base I've tried that gives me comparable wear time and strength. I am overall impressed with how it weathered during one of the roughest weeks I have had in a long time.

I definitely recommend it.

You can grab it at the Powder Perfect shop. Don't worry, they have plenty of stockists!


  1. impressive! will put this on my to try list!

  2. Holy cow, what great wear. My nails typically look like that after a couple of days, but I also type and use the edges of my nails a lot. What a great review of the product tho. And A+ for cussing.

  3. Wow, I need this base coat I my life!!!

  4. That holo is stunning and that's a very impressive wear time!

  5. I love finding out about new base coats. That's one part of my routine that I'm soooo picky about. Once I find something I love, I stick with it.

  6. That's impressive! So is the amount your nails grew in 8 days :P

  7. WOWZA that's amazing for eight days. My nails get that much tipwear on day one itself LOL.

  8. Oh my goodness, girl, your manicure at 8 days looks AMAZING! Yes, there is growth, but everything else looks great. I need to get this base coat. NEED!!

  9. 8 days!?!? I bow down to your willpower.

  10. I'm in love with Powder Perfect but I didn't even know they had this base coat! I'll have to try it!

  11. This definitely makes me curious to give it a try.

  12. Awesome!!!!!! I soooooo need this, especially when I hand wash dishes

  13. Wow that is impressive!!!! I'll have to try this base coat :)

  14. I love the list of what happened during the time span...and I want to see the hair. I'm hoping there's a pic on FB! ;) That's a pretty impressive base coat for all the scrubbing that was done.


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