Hobby Polish Bloggers Presents: Creme a la Mode #3 Seriotype

It's not a party until I break out the seriotype. New rule, guys. One I am super happy to comply with today. This spring C.A.L.M box is just...perfect. When I realized that the Hobby Polish Bloggers prompt was "spring" I knew that the stars had aligned. I feel like I used a Monet painting on my fingers...which I would never do because priceless cultural history type things...

Hobby Polish Bloggers Presents: Creme a la Mode #3 Seriotype

(promotional samples ahead)

Colors Used
Literary Lacquers Salmon Chanted Evening
Digital Nails Water You Wading For?
Octopus Party Nail Lacquer The Algae-Atic Sea
Indigo Bananas Smoke on the Otter

Creme a la Mode #3 Seriotype

I used the Digital Nails shade as a base for this one, and I think layering the Indigo Bananas shade over top gave it a hazy quality that is just...wonderful. This might be my favorite seriotype in a long time.

I wish I had worked this one a little less...or added another layer of topper. You can see the spongey-bumps from where my polish had begun to set. Oh well, I still love it. 

Creme a la Mode #3 Seriotype

Have you tried a seriotype yet? The look so nice with creams...but I do get the itch to add a little sparkle sometimes!

There is still time to pre-order the box and make your own seriotype! 

In the meantime, check out some other awesome spring manicures!


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