Winter Skin Prep Part Two: Gentle Cleansers

Are you ready for the stunning conclusion to my thrilling series on gentle Winter skin care? Yeah, I is exciting stuff. But when your skin is dry and you are faced with a season of canned hot air...this information is great to have. I have actually used (or currently use) all of these things.

Dry Skin Cleansers

Cosmedix Purity Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser 
$20 from Amazon
This is my practically everyday cleanser. It is a chemical exfoliating cleanser, and it is just gentle enough for my skin. I started using this once I started waxing on a regular basis. Waxing led to break-outs...which led to cursing...and crying...and angry. After talking to my lovely esthetician (really, a good skin care professional is worth their weight in gold) we chose this stuff to try and clear up the irritation and spots. It totally worked. I use this every few days, leaving it on for ten minutes each time...and I love it. I definitely prefer chemical exfoliation over physical. It is much more gentle for people with sensitive skin.

$10 from
This stuff seems weird in a cleanser round-up...I know. Stay with me here, I promise it'll make sense. I have talked about oil cleansing before, back in the PGS days. Did you know that you can use baby oil instead of jojoba or any fancy oils? It absolutely works, and it won't bother your skin at all. It  is a great part of a "double cleansing" regimen. The tl;dr is you rub oil on your dry skin (gently!) and then wash with a gentle foaming cleanser...

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
$15 from
I have used up ever single sample of this stuff that I have ever come across. It is actually really nice, but on its own it is a little bit drying for my poor face...but in conjunction with the aforementioned baby oil, it is fabulous. But if you sensitive-but-less-dry skin, I really recommend trying this stuff. It is probably the best regular foaming cleanser I have ever used.

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant
$41 from
This stuff isn't a cleanser exactly, but I do use it in conjunction with other the Fresh Soy Cleanser. I have really sensitive skin which can make good exoliation rather tricky for me. I can either have perfectly smooth skin...or completely comfortable skin. But this stuff, even when using it completely according to the directions, doesn't bother me at all. It is a little bit stinky, but it works so nicely.

$9 from
I picked this oil cleanser up (in the orange scent) at a Japanese supermarket last year. It is a little on the stripping side, but overall its lovely. It doesn't irritate and it makes my skin feel smooth and soft. If you have tried oil cleansers like the Garnier one or the Josie Maran (which are identical...)but found that they didn't feel great on your skin afterwards...then I really recommend this one. It is a much cleaner-rinsing version, and pretty easy on the budget.

That is all she wrote! Between these cleansers and the aforementioned moisturizers, I have been able to manage my poor old-lady face regardless of season...but especially in winter. Do you have a favorite winter skincare product?