Winter Skin Prep Part One: Facial Moisturizers

As the weather gets colder and drier, your skin can get grumpier and grumpier...For some people this is a seasonal thing, for the rest of us dry skin is a year round struggle. Here are some of the things that I have tested over the years that have made a huge difference in my skin. 

Dry Skin Favorites

Winter is the hardest time of the year. Your skin hurts and stings, and the constant exposure to indoor heating just saps any moisture right out. It sucks. But I have found a few things that might lessen the blow.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance
$64 from
This one is the spendiest one...but holy cow. If you have slightly dry skin and are looking for an everyday sort of cream, this stuff is magical. I had a sample of it and I fell in love...but I just couldn't swing that price.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
$16 from
This is a great budget option for people with dry skin. It is great for all skin types, and it is really easy to find as most drugstores carry it. It took me a solid year to use up a whole tube, and I use this from head-to-toe. My only gripe is that it can be a little heavy under makeup, and my face tends to get greasy with it after a few hours. But it doesn't irritate my skin, and it keeps the dry skin spots in line.

$3 from
I have waxed poetic about vaseline before. It is just the best thing to protect skin from wicked weather. I like to smear oil on my skin at night and then pat on a thin layer of this stuff. It is my favorite thing to do after a long flight too. Wash your face, slather on some oil, then cover your face in Vaseline and voila: no more tight/angry skin!

$44 From
I am a waxer. I wax my brows and my mustache monthly. It is not the kindest thing I could possibly do to my face...but I don't like the facial hair. I was asking my esthetician what could be done about my dry skin, and she prescribed this stuff. It is like a less sticky, better smelling, supercharged vaseline. This is my post-exfoliation moisturizer. I love it...and it smells like black cherry. I'm nearly done with my second jar in ten years, so it really isn't as pricey as it seems initially.

Trader Joe's Jojoba Oil
$7 at Trader Joe's
I don't care where you get your oil, as long as you get it. Jojoba oil is the best thing for anyone with skin. It is not really an oil, but a wax...and very close to your skins naturally occurring sebum. Drop what you are doing and go get some. Trader Joe's, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods all carry it in-store, and you can order it from online retailers like I just can't recommend this stuff enough. 

Are you ready for winter? Hopefully, with some of these items, your skin will be at least. 


  1. If you're regularly paying $20-25 for a one ounce jar of face cream, the Dermalogica isn't that bad of a price at 18.82 for 1.125 ounces. I love jojoba oil. I keep a glass bottle of jojoba with a dropper next to my skincare, and use a couple of drops before my mineral sunscreen. It's magic :D

    1. oops, that should be 1.133 ounces. Math before coffee is hard :P


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