Glam Polish Purple Predicament Limited EditionTrio

Glam Polish sure knows how to start 2016. The first limited edition collection is the Purple Predicament Trio, and it is here to solve all of your polish picking problems!

(promotional samples ahead)

Daily Dilemma
Daily Dilemma is a cool soft violet holo with red-pink flakes and I think I spy a little orchid tinged shimmer. It applied smooth and happy and opaque in two coats.

Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem is a dazzling microglitter concoction of multiple shades of purple and holo. It has a gentle texture to it, but it smooths nicely with a layer of Seche Vite. I used two coats here and it was completely opaque.

Secret Stash
Secret Stash is a warm pale amethyst cream-jelly filled with holo sparks and flakes. The sparks are a little fussy in spots, but the subtle sparkle is totally worth it. I used two thin coats + SV here, and I think it looks like magic.

The predicament of a nail polish addict, hiding their growing stash from their family, finding a hidden gem long-forgotten and the ultimate dilemma of which shade of purple to wear… 
This trio is available now in the Glam shop. It is limited edition, so once it is is gone for good. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Yaaas! Love purple! I actually had a dream about purple nail polish last night...

  2. Such beautiful shades! I love these little trio collections.

  3. Purpleeee! Haha I think my fav is secret stash!

  4. Ohhh my, these are beautiful!! I think Secret Stash is my favorite of the bunch!

  5. I am a purple fanatic and I snapped these up as soon as they went live on the Glam Polish site!

  6. Perfection as to be expected from Glam. They can do no wrong!

  7. Gah!! Has Glam ever made an ugly polish?!


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