2015: A Look Back

This has been a helluva first year for this blog...Who'd have thunk that when I posted my "Year in Nails" back on PGS in January that it would have been my last? I don't think I would have believed it, honestly. But here we are, all on our own...and it has been ok. If nothing else...my photography skills have improved immensely.

Even though I moved a good chunk of my older posts over here from PGS (complete with their original posting dates), this was my first real post here.

This post, from Halloween, continues to be one of the most oft-visited posts here on the blog. I am not surprised, it is pretty awesome and Halloween is the best time of year.

I do this thing on Facebook these days. It started out with just my favorites...but picking favorites is stressful. So now its just a recap of the month, or as near as I can fit it.

I think my favorite post from this year is my mermaid nails. I know, I know...picking a favorite is hard. But I see the pictures, and I am proud of myself. It was my first time trying to paint my nails with acrylic paint, the first time I had done something so wee...and it turned out wonderful.

My (blog related) goals for 2016

• I want to get through my untried polishes •
I know, I know...everyone says this. But I mean it this time, honest! I keep accumulating polishes, but I never get around to wearing them before the next new shiny thing shows up. Be prepared for some older shit to be showing up here and there this year.
• I want to get back to posting more nail art •
It is so easy to get caught up in the shiniest new swatch. There is always something amazing around the corner. Something shinier, something better. But what about art? Going through and creating my collages really brought home how little art I have been producing. I want to make more. Simple, complicated, and everything in between.

• I want to make more YouTube things •
I am not sure what I want to do yet, but I definitely want to utilize youtube more. I want to make more tutorials, maybe some make-up stuff? I'm still up in the air with that. But I will do more with youtube if it kills me this year.

• I want to get back to posting about make-up stuff •
I still really enjoy make-up, and the lack of it on the new blog really speaks to my mental state these days. I think an integral part of getting control of my life is getting back to the things that make me happy.

Personal(ish) Goals for 2016

• Organize my goddamned life •
For real. I have too much junk, and not enough places to put it. It is time that we cut down on the amount of stuff that we don't love before it pushes all the things out that we do. Expect a make-up destash to come this year.

• stick to a diet for longer than an hour •
Ugh. What person doesn't have this as part of their New Year goals? I know that carbs are not my friend, and that because of my superawesomefuntime with Gestational Diabetes in 2009/10 I am more likely to develop actual diabetes...but dammit. I like bread. And pasta. And sugar. I also hate artificial sweeteners and substitutes. I have also come to the conclusion that lactose and I are not friends. At all. (Dammit, cheese. Why don't you love me?!) This will be my year. I don't even know if I want to lose weight...but I just don't want to feel icky. I want to eat what makes me feel good.

• do more creative shit •
I really like to draw, and knit, and paint, and decorate. I don't do it enough. Why not? I have no earthly idea...time to fix that shit. Making things and doing things makes me happy. I want to be happier this year, so this seems like a legit place to start.

This will be a damned good year.

I feel like I had a pretty good year thus far. It was a wild ride, but dammit I had fun. I am eager to get 2016 started and I am ready for whatever it holds. Unless it holds snow. I am not ready for snow.


  1. I remember when I found PGS, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Your personality is freaking fantastic, your writing style is absolutely hilarious, and of course you got mad skillz! You've progressed AMAZINGLY, and you give me nail envy of the best kind! Here's to good health and happiness in 2016, and even MOAR sparkly things! <3

  2. Yay! I'll be excited for more of your nail art posts because you rock the art super-hard! And I've always loved your videos and makeup stuffs, too. I'm also going to be on a mission to get my diet and exercise back in a better balance. Right now it is not good and I am feeling it. Time to get my shit together.

  3. I applaud your goals and will cheer you on from behind these piles of junk while stuffing chocolate in my face. And happily read all of your wonderful posts while I do it.

  4. 2015 is the year I found your blog. You forgot to mention that.

    The untried challenge. We all have it. For every one untried I post, 9 takes her place in the pile.

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see more nail art from you! I fell in love with your mermaid manicure, and I know that you'll continue to amaze me (:

  6. Such a fun post, and you have some great goals for the coming year!

  7. This was fun to read and I have to say that apart from the make up thing, I sorta have the same blog and personal goals! LOL!
    Looking forward to all the nail art from you ;)

    1. I will do my damnedest! Good luck to both of us!

  8. Such an exciting year for you and I look forward to seeing what you're up to this year!

  9. Your mermaid nails were my favorite as well. I absolutely adore them, you def need to do more freehand!

  10. What a year! Your blog is consistently one of my favorites, and I can never resist running out and getting some of your recommendations. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!


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