How Much Should Your Beauty Blender Actually Be Bleeding?

A while back, I bought myself a red Beauty Blender from Sephora. Like a good kid, I washed it before use...and was horrified. So I decided to test out my new pink Blender, to see what is supposed to happen the first time. I know color does leech out...but how much exactly?

Watch the video below to see exactly what should be happening the first time you wash a regular pink Beauty Blender. There will be color, but it shouldn't be a whole lot.

(scroll down to read my wtf tale with Sephora's customer service)

Story Time!

I bought my red Beauty Blender in St Louis, Missouri. I was out there for a wedding, and a friend and I did a bit of shopping. I live no where near that particular Sephora, as I currently reside in the Monterey Bay area of California. The location of things will become important shortly.

So after I washed my red sponge and did my post, I washed it one more time...and it still leeched an unacceptable amount of red dye. So, because I didn't buy it in-store locally, I called the 800 number. I ended up with someone who was either on their first day of customer service or their last. Honestly...every job I've had has been some variant of retail/customer service so I can comfortably say that I am familiar with "what not to tell customers"...this chick just wasn't.

Here is a tl;dr of our conversation:
»I called, sat on hold, and then gave the email tied to my Beauty Insider account to the young lady who answered. We'll call her Salty«

Me: Yeah, I bought this sponge and I think its defective. I can't return it to the store I bought it because I don't own an airplane.
Salty: Ok, well I can't see it on your account so I don't know what to tell you.
Me: Um. Yes you can. That is why you took my email. I used my BI account to buy it.
Salty: Oh. Uh yeah, I guess. So you have to take it back to the Sephora store.
Me: I'm not driving 1,000+ miles for a $20 sponge. 
Salty: yeaaaaaaah. That's your only option. 
Me: Wat. You can't help me with setting up a return right now? 
Salty: nope. I don't know what else to tell you. (I swear to god she said that every other sentence. rrraaaage)
Me: Yeah, ok. Have a nice day.

So I tweeted about how awful my customer experience was, and the (super friendly) social media peoples from Sephora hooked me up with the manager from my (shiny new) local Sephora...and she fixed me right up with no issues, attitude, or non-committal disinterest. 

My take-away from this is that Sephora's customer service number is full of jerks. And that makes me sad.