Spreading Some Indie Love

(promotional samples ahead)

This is just a quick post today, as I normally don't post regular stuff on the weekends. I just wanted to share some pictures today, join in on an amazing link-up, and share some indie love with the world. There are only a spare few of the amazing brands I have encountered over the last few years...and they definitely don't deserve to be lumped in with the insanity that is going on in some sectors.

Share this image, and share the Indie love

This little collection is by no means meant to be inclusive. This is just a sampling to help remind the world that there are still indies out there that care about them and aren't complete and utter jackasses. Let's use our might as customers to support those brands that deserve it...and starve out the ones that don't.

OPNL Go Deep
Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Radioactive Orchid

Baroness X Mirror, Mirror

Firecracker Lacquer Dragons Can Be Pink, Too

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics [Insert Emerald Pun Here]

CrowsToes Electra

Digital Nails Nox

Emerald & Ash Period Poops

Pretty Serious CGA
Pretty & Polished Sangria

ILNP Peace
Gothic Gala Floor 500

I am not the only one sharing the love today. Check out this link-up below!


  1. AMEN. One bad experience can't taint the trust we've built with other glorious, sparkly, kind, and caring brands. I trust indies too!

  2. Beautiful choices to represent this theme - I love so many of the indies here.

  3. a post of pure gorgeousness - thank you xx

  4. Gorgeous swatch! Let's spread some indie love!

  5. I nearly peed myself seeing my polish in there. <3 <3 <3 thank you!!


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