Sponge Gradient Video Tutorial

promotional samples ahead

Once upon a time, I wrote a tutorial for doing gradients. It was pretty basic but I felt like it covered all the bases. But it is hard to describe a particular motion without sounding like you are propositioning someone...thankfully, I'm learning to youtube a bit!

A simple gradient featuring Baroness X Latigo Indigo and China Glaze Liquid Leather

colors used:

China Glaze Liquid Leather
Baroness X Latigo Indigo
(special guest appearance by Dream Polish Gem Block)


  1. I bow down to you, oh queen of gradients!

  2. Beautiful combo and I'm loving the videos. Nice music choices, I can zone out and watch you do all the work, lol.

  3. I was just thinking about doing a gradient, awesome tutorial!!!

  4. I LOVE these colors so much. And your videos are super!

  5. So lush. Totally in love with this color combination.

  6. I love the combo! Especially the depth of creme-on-holo. I find myself paying everything with gold. Somehow it always ends up looking Christmassy to me.

  7. I still think that QOG title needs to be shared ;-) I love this gradient and loved that you did a video tutorial!!


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