Press Release Saturday: First Five Nyx Store Locations Revealed!

Southern California
Westfield Santa Anita • Arcadia, California • October 2
Del Amo Fashion Center • Torrance, California • October 9
Victoria Gardens • Rancho Cucamonga, California • November 6

Bay Area
(sort of, but not really)
Westfield Valley Fair • Santa Clara, California • Holiday 2015
Broadway Plaza • Walnut Creek, California • Holiday 2015

You can subscribe to emails to be kept in the loop. I couldn't find any info on when east coast stores were coming...but I can promise that I will be doing some Christmas shopping at Valley Fair this year...for science, of course!



  1. Gee, no openings in South Dakota. Pffft..

  2. Jelly. Utah will probably be the 47th state to get one, if they ever do.


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