Glam Polish GleeK Collection

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Just when you thought you had seen all the shiny things...Glam Polish does it again! This time is is a nine piece Glee inspired collection, and I was lucky enough to be able to swatch four of them. They are full of glitter and glow, so I hope you are ready!

I admit that I never watched Glee. Having tiny humans has sort-of narrowed my TV viewing in the last eight years or so. If its not lousy with puppets, animation, or grown men in costume...I probably missed it. But just because I don't get all the jokes (I am not a GleeK, apparently) doesn't mean I can't fall in love with these awesome sparkle-packed colors.

Take On Me
Take On Me is a warm blush colored holo filled with cooler pink glass flecks. I  love the combo of the cool and warm pinks here. It gives it an almost duochromey flash at extreme angles. I felt very feminine in this shade, and I think it would almost be a SFW color. I only needed two coats for this one, and it behaved like a champ. Which is good, because I love the song that it was named for.

Girl On Fire
Girl On Fire is labeled as a salmon shade with gold and pink glass flecks throughout. On my weird cool skin, it looks quite red...which is weird because I swear that it doesn't look quite so orange in real life (and away from my cursed skin). Warm, corally, salmony tones don't always read true against my skin. It is known. Regardless of how it reads, I really do love it. The gold glass flecks give it a super-luminous glow and it applies so nicely in two thin coats. 

Firework is a perfectly jade shade (yay rhymes) filled with cool blue and green glass flecks. This is another one that looks duochromey at odd angles. This one also has an amazing flare in the sun...which I swear I tried to show you. But we omgfinally had a little rain and days and days of clouds...I wore this for five days* hoping for a second of direct sun. At least this one applied like a dream...and didn't stain. You know I have a deep fear of blue and green shades because they tend to stain me. This one gets my stamp of awesome!

Take a Bow
Take a Bow is a sneaky sneaky cornflowery/lilac shade that is packed with pink glass flecks. This falls right in line with all those dusty pale shades that I am currently in love with. I want my hair this color, holo and all. It applies smoothly in two coats, and definitely shows the flecks strongly compared to a few of the others. As much as I love holo, I think this one is my favorite indoors. But I am admittedly biased by the color.

So what is the verdict? Are you in love with these magicalholobombs? I think that Take a Bow is definitely my favorite, what about you? Check out the whole collection at After seeing these polishes, I can't wait to see the rest of the colors.

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  1. Girl On Fire is so far outside of my norm, but I looooove it. It's so unique and gorgeous! Firework and Take A Bow are both right up my alley as well. Freaking Glam Polish is going to bankrupt me.

  2. I always just watch the song segments on YouTube but never watch glee itself haha. These swatches are so beautiful, but really Glam Polish can do no wrong in my book.

  3. There are absolutely gorgeous!! Great swatches!

  4. I was never a Gleek either, but I do like the songs these are named after, and the colors are so pretty! Your swatches are things of beauty.

  5. What does your asterisk in Firework refer to? I'm dying here!

    1. HA. Ok, so you've caught me! I tend to edit and edit and edit my that asterisk is a mark to remind me that I need to look at that paragraph again!

  6. Girl on Fire is my favorite. Just gorgeous.


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