Sally Hansen Show Steel-er

Adventures in colors-that-photograph-weird-but-still-pretty continue with Show Steel-er from Sally Hansen! This was an impulse buy at probably Target, so I am not sure when it was released or which collection it is from...but it is new to me!

Recently, I have been obsessed with shades like this. All these grayed-out purples and blues and blush tones. They are really speaking to me, especially for the spring and summer. I am not sure why, but maybe it is because I live at the coast and these are the colors I see this time of year?

Reading reviews of this color, after I bought it of course because that is how I roll, it seems like a lot of people had trouble with the formula. I did not experience any of those problems. It applied smooth and easy in two thin coats. If I had shorter nails and wasn't going to taking pictures, I could definitely get away with one medium coat. 

So what is the verdict? Are you in love with these pale shades as much as I am? I've got tons more in the pipeline I hope they don't make you gag or cry or both.