Go Commando: China Glaze Electric Nights

Is the internet still aflutter about these neons? I know I am. They are pretty damned amazing, in formula and color. I only picked up three (thus far) but I can almost promise the rest of the collection will be coming home with me soon enough.

Red-Y To Rave
First up is the punchy orange-red shade, Red-Y To Rave. I was worried when I bought this color that is would be too similar to Rose Among Thorns. They are close, but no cigar. This is a bright blood-orange shade, whereas RAT is a cooler shade, almost a pink in some lights. I needed three whisper-thin coats for this color, and it dried to a super-glossy finish which surprised the hell out of me. The only real issue I had with this polish was that it wants to flood. A lot. It didn't stain, thankfully, but it was a bit of a pain to clean up.

UV Meant To Be
This color, ya'll. UV Meant To Be is an electric sky blue cream. It is just this side of not-neon, and it behaved like a regular-albeit superb-cream polish. It was hard to catch accurately, but it is sorta close to both pictures below. My camera has a serious issue with neon colors. I only needed two coats for this shade, and it also dried to a glossy finish. It is much more creamy and stayed exactly where I told it to, happily.

Violet Vibes
This hot-violet shade was my favorite...before it arrived. I still love it (have you seen my tv cabinet?) but it isn't as show-stopping as I hoped. I used three thin coats for the pictures below, and it is still not quite as opaque as I'd like. It also flooded like crazy. I initially wanted to include under-the-blacklight pictures for all the colors...but the flooding was so bad that I had to have a shower to clean everything up off my skin. Thankfully, it didn't stain so it wasn't a huge deal. I still will use it, I just need to prepare for the cleanup.

I did play with the blacklight a little...

Red-Y To Rave
Violet Vibes
The tl;dr of this review is that these polishes are fab. They definitely live up to the hype. Glossy, no-undies neons. Yes, please.

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