Earrings, Mice, and Peanuts

promotional samples ahead

This is a first for me! I am reviewing an accessory! Woooo! Watch out now, or I might become a fashion plate! Seriously though, I love earrings, and when my friend from Little Mouse on the Prairie said she needed some honest reviews to get the word out about her shop, I was glad to help.

I was sent a pair of earrings and a wee mouse ring (which I will post pictures of later). I was at once crushed and elated by these earrings. The look like wee nebulae, and I love them. But, unfortunately, I am allergic-as-fuck to metals. I can barely wear 10ct gold earrings for very long before I am an itchy mess. But...I've got two little girls who love jewelry and seem to be unaffected by my metal allergy (hooray). 

Because I am a glutton for punishment these earrings plucked at my heartstrings, I decided to try them on while I was bouncing around the house. If they started itching, no biggie, I could just take them out. Ten minutes passed, and no itching. Another twenty, and I forgot I was wearing them. Well I will be damned...what sort of black magic is this? I ended up wearing these all day long with no troubles. There might have been some gleeful hand-clapping, but shhhh. 

The next day, my wee Peanut requested to wear them, and I agreed...on the condition that she let me take some NORMAL pictures...I was definitely tricked by this tiny human. But I did get at least one picture, and it wasn't half bad. Her overall review of these earrings was pretty much the same as mine. She likes them, and they are Elsa colored...so they are cool. However, she requested to wear them to bed that night. About an hour later she comes out and asked me to remove them. Apparently they poked her in the head when she tried to sleep. Because of course it is the earrings fault that she isn't asleep at nearly 9pm on a school night. What else could it be?

completely honest about her sleep habits
So if you have sensitive ears, this might be worth trying out if you have been drooling over all the handmade polish jewelry that is floating around these days. I will definitely be ordering another set for the other kid (to avoid fights) and maybe one for myself...because I think I have lost these earrings already.