Baroness X Eerie-descence and Opulent Oddity

promotional samples ahead

The time for glittery things is upon us. Warm weather is coming (I swear) and the time for sparkly things around bonfires at night is almost here! One of the only things I miss about the southern US in-the-summer is the lightning bugs. Happily, Baroness X has created a polish that will fill the hole left by those sparkly little critters.


First up is Eerie-descence. This is a sheer black polish that is superjampacked with all sorts of glitter. It is like a Kleancolor Chunky Black Holo...but better. There is a ton more glitter in here. It has a similar shift, but there is a cool-shifting tiny glitters in the empty spaces, and much more variety to the warm-shifters. (when I did that dragon-lava thing, I hand placed all that glitter. It gave me a real feel for the make up of the KC polish.)

over China Glaze Liquid Leather. The ring is just a black "french tip"
I do love this polish, but it isn't my absolute favorite of the new toppers that Demi has whipped up. Over black (and navy & wine btw, but my pictures didn't turn out. You'll just have to trust me) it is just amazing. There is a real depth to the layers, but its just tinted enough to make it interesting. But because it is tinted, it does limit the usefulness for someone like me. 

Opulent Oddity

over CG White on White and Liquid Leather
This one is my favorite. It really is. And honestly, I was completely ready to write this one off...until I applied it to two different colors. That is when these cool-but-warm shifting hexes really start to sing. Over white, it is pale and cool with pinks/purples/blues in the forefront. You see a flash here and there of warm coral, but overall it is what you expect from a topper like this.

And then, you layer it over black. It becomes a whole different creature.  The pastel pinks and blues become firey golds and rich greens. It may not be as dense as its sister, but it is just as stunning and more versatile. I can't guarantee you won't see this polish cropping up again and again. I feel like I need to try it over a black & white gradient...for science, of course.

I definitely suggest running over to Baroness X and grabbing these, especially if you can get ahold of her new mini bottles. I am completely in love with them, and never want to use a tiny bottle and brush again.