Digital Nails What Color Is This Polish?

The internet is ridiculous. It is. Kim Kardashian's bum, stupid memes...and now color shifting dresses. I admit that the husband and I did bicker a bit over the color. When Digital Nails released this novelty polish, I had to grab it. Just for the sheer ridiculousness. As it turns out, its a beautiful polish even without the cheek.

A striking cobalt jelly with black square glitters, What Color Is This Polish? is the perfect #teamblueblack color. I used two thin coats without undies, and this is what I got. I'm pretty stoked. Even moreso that this color didn't turn my nails blue! 

I'm going to a gently Whovian-themed wedding this summer, and this is now in the running for my nail color. It is perfect. I am tempted to layer it over Orly Royal Navy, which is a similar cobalt but with a green flakey shimmer. I think that might look really neat.

What side of Colorgate2015 were you on? Did you get tricked by your brain and shitty pictures into thinking the dress was one color and the other. I freely admit that I did. But its cool. Polish this pretty is worth feeling like an idiot for a little while.

And in the interests of thoroughness/funsies, I solicited the internet for pictures of the other shade...#teamwhitegold. Thankfully Dani of From Polish, With Love hooked me up! Her swatches are perfect and magical and awesome...and kinda making me jealous. I wish I had picked up the other color too now...Look at these pictures, then go check out the rest of her stuff!