Digital Nails Questionable Browser History

My least favorite things to do generally involve cleaning. I don't care if its housework, cleaning at a job, or cleaning polish off my fingers...I hate it. I love nail art, but I'm a messy person by nature. When I do water marbles, I spend precious minutes applying foot after foot of tape...and hating it. But it was better than the alternative. I always thought to myself "there has to be a better way!" And guess what!? There is!

I saw Digital Nails' post on instagram and immediately I heard angels singing.  THIS was the answer to my prayers. Thankfully, she decided to sell it in her shop. At the time, there was a bundle of that and her Ain't Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat...I snatched it up. I spent the next week dreaming of all the clean-up I wasn't going to have to do. Tl;dr I was stoked.

When it arrived, I immediately gave it a try. Now, I had never used liquid latex before, nor had I read anything on it. As soon as I opened the bottle I was slapped in the face with a very chemically smell. It dissipates very quickly, but my relatively-newly-smoke-free senses were stunned for a second. (When you quit smoking, everything smells weird. I hope eventually it will stop.) 

It dried super fast, which is awesome. I have tried the PVC glue trick...but that takes forever to dry.

I did have some trouble with my fingertips sticking together...I guess thats normal? Don't touch liquid latex to itself. Or do...I don't judge. It is kinda fun.

I applied my gradient. I didn't try to be super messy, this is just generally how it looks when I'm done. Art comes with a price, ya'll. I waited a few minutes and began to peel. Now, I don't think there is a set way to remove his. I just kinda rolled it off whichever way it wanted. Not the neatest or best way, I'm sure. But it worked well enough.

I actually made a video of the initial removal...which I promptly deleted because I'm a damned genius. But the picture below was my results after about 45 seconds of work. Not 100% (though I did get it all off with no issues. I just did it away from my fancy-but-blinding lights) but good enough for me. Plus it was fun. 

That's right. I said it. Cleaning up was fun.

This is my final result. No shenanigans. After taking the previous picture, I went back inside (my lights are in the garage) and gently picked the rest of the latex covered polish away. I declare this 100% success. Also fun.