Digital Nails Count Your Shadows

I posted this picture on facebook on Wednesday of my epic (and growing) collection of untried polishes and cosmetics. Some of the stuff there has been sitting since Christmas! It is time to start digging into the stash. I might as well start with something Whovian.

I picked up Count Your Shadows back in December/November. I immediately threw it on, snapped a cell picture, and went on about my business...and I never did take a proper swatch. So technically this is my second date with this polish.

I still love it.

It is a cool gray cream with delicate pinky-blue flakes. I am so glad that I didn't take pictures the first time I wore this, because I didn't have my new-ish lightbox or my macro lens then. Fate had plans. I needed three coats to cover everything completely, and it leveled nicely. This was actually the first Digital Nails polish that I bought myself...and since this I have bought three other bottles. 

I'm not addicted. I can stop whenever I want.

Of course, a polish this interesting needed a matte coat. The flakes jump right out at you once the gloss is gone.

So yeah...I'm obsessed. I picked up the liquid latex and the What Color Is This Polish (#teamblueblack). I mentioned yesterday that I have my eyes on The Dude Abides. I think its safe to say that Digital Nails has stolen my heart...and my wallet. Dammit.