Burnished Metals

promotional samples ahead

Multichrome flakes are still big. I think that 2015 is going to see loads of them. I even picked up ILNP Supernova (as did Amanda) though I haven't shared all of my pictures with the world yet. I am not sorry I grabbed the ILNP topper, but I wish I had waited a bit. There are so many different ones now!

Colors Used
Baroness X Peculiar Patina
Baroness X Warped Waters
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Teal The Deal

Demi from Baroness X sent these to me as a gift, and while I haven't swatched them solo yet, I had to do some art with them. I was wearing CNC Teal The Deal, and these two flakes were sitting on my desk. I knew I wanted to finally try to make an antiqued metal manicure. I applied both top coats with a sponge to get an opaque coat, and I love the final outcome. I tried it over black on my right hand...but it just wasn't the same. I think black is just too dark.

Now that there are hundreds of these flake top coats out there, which are your favorites? Are there any I should be looking at? Or any proper polishes featuring these shiny little guys? I've been lusting after Digital Nails The Dude Abides for a few weeks now, I just can't seem to catch it in-stock.